To be honest, I acknowledge that the vegan lifestyle is significantly healthier, and that as a morbidly obese, diabetic person, I would very much benefit from a meatless diet. But I truly do enjoy eating meat and meat products, and when I think of having to get protein from nuts and tofu, I want to cry. I enjoy food way too much, and do have a seriously unhealthy relationship with it. Although, I guess I don’t have to become vegan in order to get healthy.

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Quorn is just mould basically, if you’re scared of chemicals you don’t know anything, how is it you’re allowed to use the internet? Something something radiation. Americans eat 5 trillion tonnes of beef a year between 330 million people then you wonder why animal cruelty exists that’s terrible but what about obesity stuff like this vegans dint have a handle on reality like capitalists dont have a handle on cosnurmerism and greed.

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 If it would be a load of vegans running the vegan industry no problem with that sad thing is could probably be the meat industry ending up controlling that.


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