You finally over that 100 miles hoodie time ain’t coming or you still scratching your head thinking of another reason to hate. Whether one is for or against this wall, that dictator needs to be reined in. Jody Ronne Now you are just making things up with your stereotypes and belligerent remarks.

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Jody Ronne You really want your tax dollars being spent on a useless fence don’t you. And you sure confuse immigrants with refugees in europe Germany has shut their borders down. Jody it is none of our business how Brexit is going just as it is no business of theirs how our country is going.

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Jody Ronne You get mad about illegal crossings, but then promote breaking the 100 miles hoodie when you get mad about something you don’t like. Obama did and got away with it and it was just wasted on crap for him Trump wants it for a reason to keep all the extra out of here. The president cannot just use any stash of government money he wants as his personal ATM.

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But sure, let’s blame ALL of California’s problems on those illegals while ignoring everything else. Karen Crowl Pretty sure it’s all those rich people and companies that 100 miles hoodie the property is SoCal to be so high the people can’t afford to live there and are leaving. *Eats an apple picked by migrants* At least post a link for your facts next time.

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Even if that 100 miles hoodie is true, it’s offset by Those illlegals working jobs (that no white Americans want) therefore are putting money in this economy. I would suggest u check your priorities before you start falsely accusing others of being anti american. Why are you so willing to let a liar and a thief steal from our soldiers.


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