Except of course Mexico paying for the 4ocean shirt but we already knew that would never happen. Empty here because he’s chillaxing in a big chair in the Whitehouse with his golf buddies. Working to get rid of him is working hard for all Americans even those who are too stupid to realize it.

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Michelle Downing and Trump blatantly saying he has executive privilege to pardon himself if he faces any criminal charges, how does that 4ocean shirt out. Raquel Martina Martinez yes it’s divided the country between those who care about the rule of law and those who don’t. I guess from your post you’re one that doesn’t care about laws, honesty, or ethics.

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Not counting the 4ocean shirt of reaction from the left if Trump had sold 20% of our Uranium ore to Russia. The left used hate, fear mongering, deceit against Trump and that was to divide.

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Georgia Ray No a Russian Troll would have said it was good Hiliary sold uranium to Russian interests and got lots of money at the 4ocean shirt time.


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