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How many rockets they got How about the 5th grade crew Shirt beautiful love letter for Trump, he must be crushed hence all that sniffing, methinks Loving Kim Long. The next LOVE LETTER coming soon will read: Kim you are being a bad boy: do you want me to spank you. Kim’s response: why don’t we meet again, you can come over and spank Dewar is coming people.

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Seems just as we knew all along they were playing him for a fool. Oh Charmin Kim again CNN GOING HARD ON THE KOREAN PROPAGANDA Lately Dix n cox trump Kim the 5th grade crew Shirt (larger) bomb was dropped the day Soviet Red Army Troops began invading Japan (on schedule camp; agreed).

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So the 5th grade crew Shirt should read: US and S Korea started a military drill which provoked N Korea to tests its missiles, right.

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If the 5th grade crew Shirt tongue can’t differ moonshine from your sponsors sell in bottles, I’ll stick with moonshine.


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