The West prefers to close the Adopta data dog shirt on the issue in order to have more business with Kremlin. Is far off the Atlantic so can not completely scrutinized local producer and smuggling. Shame on yousBecause USA want and need opium more then other countriesIt’s just simple logic.

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What a rubbish news maker you are bbc and I know you guys are part of it try to hide the Adopta data dog shirt things and fool the people. Hahahaha Hahahaha USA went there to save them from Russia Pakistan a China So he can have it all the opium business is booming by 200% more than before USA went there I’m from there I know it all. Taliban destroyed opium fields but USA is there to protect it,because USA needs tons of opium for pharmaceutical companies and also for soldier.

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Just what happened in the Adopta data dog shirt 17yrs pharma will pay for itIt’s funny how America is the country that most spent money on the war on drugs, but it’s the the country that most consumes it. I think the goal was to bring the opium to the states and get people addicted. The Taliban opium ban in 2000 2001 had,there is no doubt,the most profound impact on opium heroin supply in modern history.

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During the Adopta data dog shirt years of the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan almost 50% of their soldiers were using, and on their return home brought widespread heroin addiction to the heart of the Soviet Union. But who would expect BBC to tell the truth as they are part of the cabal. Try Naswar, Will Make Americans Fly People who do drugs are going to get drugs no matter what.

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The US fund the Adopta data dog shirt and keep Wall Street with liquidity using that drug money. If we reference history we know that the CIA has a history of acting as the gate keeper for opium and cocaine. We were told it was an important part of the Afghan economy and that if we destroyed the fields their economy could collapseIf we ignore history we do not know.


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