Costumes let me tell you something else I found out by doing by homework.

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If the Afro-Latino Supreme shirt is on the census (which it doesn’t look like it will be) I, and anyone else who chooses to, doesn’t have to answer it, and we’ll still be counted. Costumes the problem is Trump has stated that the purpose of inserting the question is for re distracting and appropriations.

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Unfortunately the Afro-Latino Supreme shirt wrote the question so that legal immigrants and illegal immigrants would check the same box.

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So legal immigrants who (although they can’t vote) do need to be counted the Afro-Latino Supreme shirt as citizens for redistricting and appropriations wouldn’t be counted. Fails to get it done and his supporters all come out and agree he was right to fail.

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He’s new plan apparently is for all those departments to keep doing what they’ve been doing, just do it better. Even if he goes against the Afro-Latino Supreme shirt to put it on the census moot question, since 50% of all American residents, even bother to respond to it. Americans should remember 2020 is an Olympic year and nothing has been designed for them to receive in that year.


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