Been virtually anonymous since birth of her child, don’t think she’ll be missed too much as a leader. Step aside and let someone who does take the Air Hicks shirt Fiona Crawford using a British Democracy is.

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We have at least Four Undemocratic Parties trying to Block Brexit, and they have also lain to all their voters after they said clearly they would in their Manifestos to Honor Brexit.

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Steven Auditor Richardson exactly what I thought As there are of course, absolutely no rational reasons to be found anywhere to oppose a leader like Boris Johnson. Must all be emotional riffraff, as overemotional is always the Air Hicks shirt of ones political enemies.

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A likable politician who unfortunately (like too many others) refuses to accept the Air Hicks shirt of a democratic referendum result.

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Also, stop voting for NazisMartin Williams give it a break with the Air Hicks shirt referendum lie. A huge swath of people most affected by the results were excluded from the vote and the entire thing was awash with lies and electoral breaches.


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