Its nice to know that America flag dog shirt are still some sane people involved in this posturing. That being said, I do find myself a tad bit disgusted that I’m agreeing with the foreign minister of Iran, given what Iran has done over the last decade. I mean, is Iran even trying if they haven’t sent him a huge love letter.

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I doubt Trump even knows where Iran is much less anything about it’s long and proud history. Thank you Iran for caring about the America flag dog shirt bei gof our2 nations morethan he does. I wonder if the Saudis are trying to sic us on the Iranians behind the scenes.

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Can’t until we dropped JDAM on your house. As I saw it on our National TV today it was slightly more bellicose and colourful,indicating a sense of history as well as humour. Hahahaha trump must be speechless after this America flag dog shirt Trump would do well to take note of the depiction in the centre of the Iranian flag.

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Which, assuming you’re actually an American citizen, is what your fearless leader has been touting in his idiotic tweets. Brandon Luddine ‘the deliberate killing of a large group of people, especially those of a particular ethnic group or nation’. Stay classy there Iran, stay classy, well someone had to,, LoL In this America flag dog shirt and age for the leader of one country to threaten another country with genocide.

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Richard de Launiere Trump dodged the America flag dog shirt draft 5 times, he would never make it to the front line. Shawn Renee Dunaway it was their money in the first place not ur taxes money dont blame obama brI take it you don’t understand how diplomacy works, I bet you supported Trump’s arms deal with Saudi Arabia too though. Trump is a proven liar, and it would be a disaster to follow such a man into war.


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