Such Low Information Voters haven’t seen Trump with Rosa Parks and can’t figure how Trump and Republicans have passed more legislation to help blacks than any of your kind.

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Innocent people got killed for no reasons of Syrians and Middle Easterners would like the Anthony Boursdain Shirt to leave us alone.

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So the Anthony Boursdain Shirt are OK with world policing ops as long as Hillary or Obama or Bernie wanted it. Takes Singer wait, we are only supposed to be exposed to what is going on in this country.

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Takes Singer, if you fail to understand why people would be saddened and grieve over the Anthony Boursdain Shirt of this courageous young man, you are less than human.

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Amy Wheeler you think USA makes war because American has compassion, because we have freedom. Many soldiers fight to destroy enemies to bring interest back to American, you call for compassion.


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