But yet you still rely on us Brits to back you up in your illegal wars in conquest for oil and power as you bully your way into forcing other nations to accept your US capitalist culture. The navy was made up of merchant ships and coastal trading ships and a few small fishing boats. Michael because there’s a holiday that APOLLO BAY Shirt celebrate the military doesn’t mean people don’t appreciate sacrifices others make.

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It’s absolutely to celebrate the APOLLO BAY Shirt country on Earth and appreciate what our military has accomplished for the people of this nation. Michele Patterson Marianne Arturo Emma I hope you know the people that want Independence back in the day were landowners that just didn’t wanna pay tax and the minority didn’t really care Marianne Arturo you’re completely clueless. Marianne Arturo Or in the UK’s case freedom from the EU and having our democratic vote we won honored.

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I merely stated the APOLLO BAY Shirt that TODAY is about the anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, and I am obviously not the only person who understands this. Those people, were not soldiers they were tired of being bullied and decided to stand up for themselves and their families against the British army. James Franz nick I just miss the 13 colonies that’s all Michael so if I defend my country because I picked up a gun in suddenly a soldier.

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Marianne Arturo You can’t appreciate your independence without appreciating and understanding what it took to get it. The US literally did not have a standing army until years after the APOLLO BAY Shirt this holiday. Leslie Preacher Gavel I just don’t like people who simply don’t appreciate some sacrifices, also coincidentally I have read a fair share of history of the US Christi Wash.

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Sharon O’Neal those people became soldiers the APOLLO BAY Shirt they picked up arms to fight for their independence, don’t get stuck on technicalities Michael maybe you should read a little American history. That makes absolutely no sense, but thanks for proving that trump supporters are ignorant. Raymond Kevin Bass ford Freedom = we can make ANY celebration about the flag and military and veterans.


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