To give people an idea of how malnourished he was there are 3500 calories in a pound of fat, and he was losing over a pound a day meaning he was underfed by probably over 3500 calories a day. Robert Reeves With their technology it should have taken a nanosecond to straighten out. Michele Patterson The mother didn’t put her real name on his birth certificate because she is in the Besame Bonito shirt illegally.

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She said she used a different name as mother on his birth certificate and also I believe is undocumented so the Besame Bonito shirt was a no go. His mom applied for a tourist visa and stated his place of birth as Mexico so of course they thought his documents were fake. Michele Patterson Well, his mother did say he was born in Mexico for a travel visa.

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His mother willfully put the Besame Bonito shirt information in his passport because she was afraid of being caught here illegally. They discovered this when they ran his fingerprints and taught his documents were false Robert, he also had his birth certificate on him, stating his place of birth as the U. Not detain highs mother had wrongly applied for a tourist visa for him to visit Mexico.

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ICE shouldn’t have made an arrest unless they can prove he isn’t allowed here. Maybe mommy shouldn’t have filed fraudulent paperwork, and he might have been freed a tad faster. He only got released after the Besame Bonito shirt media had brought his plight into the sight of the public eye.

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If it wasn’t for the Besame Bonito shirt on the border this incident would not have happened. Not hard to tell you shared no form of empathy for the young man Joseph Usu where did you get that from my comment. Why don’t we keep you in the cage for a month and then have this conversation when you are out.


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