It’s a living being and if you ever seen an ultrasound you would comprehend that. Brian Swanson And again a man proves that Bill murray cubs shirt is not about saving those poor 6 week old blood clots but trying to control women’s sex lives. Idk what stats or research papers you’ve seen but clearly it’s wrong cause it’s not a baby or human being, it’s a lump of cells.

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Eugénie Godin Some kids are unwanted, so you kill them now or you kill them later. So yes to be anti abortion is to be anti woman, as I originally saidGenesis Short so congratulate these ‘selfish’ women for having abortions then, they obviously have no business becoming mothers. It means death for *living people*Raymond Reddington The ones that Bill murray cubs shirt performed to immediately save lives are performed in order to give women life full lives that include being more than second class citizens.

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Nisansala Perera well, he’s about the Bill murray cubs shirt golfer to get this award, so it’s NOT just 45 handing them out. Had 3 lumpectomies and limp node removals, lots of tests, MRI, tumour extraction, chemo, radiation, reconstruction and adjustment. This is about Drumpf using his name for his Woods designed courseLinda Moore Mussa oh and btw I just went through breast cancer here.

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Unfortunately, you effect the Bill murray cubs shirt and especially Canada so I have a say in all that you do Whoops. In fact, a lot of young pros Tiger plays today were inspired by Tiger. You forgot your clown shoesTiger has inspired kids all over the world to play golf.

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Brian Swanson they inspired millions around the Bill murray cubs shirt Woods inspired adulterous golf playing POTUS Mandy Traynor except he’s given 12 million of his golf winning to charities, but yeah he’s done nothing. Maybe he got the award because he looks the other way when trump cheats at golf. He proved as I’ve always said, that you can come back from strippers, hookers and cocaine.


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