They dont want to leave eu because there rich friends will loose too much moneyGarrett J Johnson The Parliment is similar to our Congress; I might say in many ways harrumph. 6, we leave thats what the Borderlands 3 ladies shirt people demanded there elected government actually to do. Our economy is booming while Germany’s is dipping, all due to BrexitGarrett J Johnson there was never any mention of any options or brexit version 1.

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Andy Thompson then let’s prove it Garrett J Johnson your question was why this Borderlands 3 ladies shirt put to a public vote. MV4 will be destroyed (if Bercow allows her to bring another version forward ) because May cannot use anything to blackmail Brexiteers now. Second referendum destroyed three times in two weeks and soft Brexit has no options left that haven’t been rejected.

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Susan Pemberton but the Borderlands 3 ladies shirt don’t the vote didn’t have a majority just a few more voted leave but there wasn’t a lot between and threatening unrest is awfulWTO is now the only option. Garrett J Johnson we have already voted but the M P ‘s don’t want to leave and are making such a mess of it. I almost feel like saying, ok lets crash out with no deal and see what mess we’re in in 10 years time but its just too awful to think about.

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I don’t want to leave, i am a firm remainer BUT if we’ve got to go then let the Borderlands 3 ladies shirt choose HOW we’re going. I was pointing out that we don’t need one as we have already voted how to leave. The question was asking why we can’t have a vote on how to leave.

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Garrett J Johnson The Public Voted on June 23 2016 and Voted to Leave The EU. The ones who voted no need to be thrown out of the Borderlands 3 ladies shirt Michael Rizea But what if the citizens no longer want to leave, should we stay in. Gary Henderson thank god for that AJ Roberts why have a government if they can’t be trusted on what the people voted for.


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