LeAnna Crew Which is certainly an improvement over what’s currently in the Born sender shirt HouseSNL was the first thing that came to mind when I saw her on the debate stage. Hector Areas she sounds like an actress playing a candidate for Lotus in a movie that was filmed in 1939.

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That said, she would make a better President than the Born sender shirt illegal and illegitimate occupant of the White House and I will vote for her if she is the Democratic nominee.

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Perhaps KamalaYou might want to double check those memes What is this, a self-help writer. The memes are backfiring I’ reports that Born sender shirt leaning organizations are contributing to her campaign to legitimize Democrats’ efforts and distort the polls to benefit themselves.

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I haven’t heard names yet, but it’s totally a dirty tactic that’s probably been in use for generations.

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The best way to modify the Born sender shirt of people like Snyder is to make them aware that there are consequences attached. If they can’t get prestigious, high paying jobs because of their actions while in office would be a step in that direction.


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