Ginny Anspach and those people are very much able to live and marry according to their values, with no legal forbiddances preventing them. The same ones who don’t believe in climate change or want to preach that Bring kiano home shirt world is only 6000 years old. The thing is that the only people believing that are intolerant, racist, homophobic and misogynistic Christians.

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And fortunately for the Bring kiano home shirt of us who are kind and accepting, people who think like you are dying offUsing the word ‘but’ cancels out everything before that. Just because people now want to change it does not mean everyone accepts it. I can’t wait till you discover the internet and increase your understanding of the big wide world.

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Dave GR your reasoning is so twisty and crooked, you probably get dizzy if you ever tried to walk in a straight line. And cartoons depicting these can’t determine who children will be attracted to, because they’ll know when they’re attracted and to whom. Everyone has the Bring kiano home shirt to form a legally recognized family and to ignore other peoples’ self imposed restrictions.

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If people like you mess up my golden years because my kids fail to pair up and get out of the Bring kiano home shirt I’m coming for you, Dave. Two people who love, respect and are loyal to each other is far better than any broken home. Make your choice mate but please stop hiding behind statements like respect everyone, but.

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A book written by jews for jews and used as justification for land theft and ethnic cleansing in palestine. By the Bring kiano home shirt family is not a term, it’s a word, your best knowledge is backward, and civilised is spelled, gofuckyourself. Dave, did you mean to say, respect most, unless they want the same basic human rights as those I believe should have them.


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