CA Chatham I was worried you might be delusional but then I clicked and saw it was just a fake profileGustavo Lugo, wrong again boy. It will mark the Bullvengers Bulldog shirt of the governmental status quo and career politiciansThey could have already read the un redacted report and have chosen not to. They have the full unredacted item in their secret little office in the Senate that they can all go look at in private.

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The Democrats (and their numerous friends in the Bullvengers Bulldog shirt won’t accept this fact and want to throw dirt at Trump and hope something will stick. Mueller finished his report, he wasn’t fired, and even if he had been, the fraudulent investigation would have continued, just as it did after Comey was fired. The fact he released the rest of it was a bonus he didn’t have to.

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No just trolling as it’s impossible that Bullvengers Bulldog shirt sane human being would say such a thingNo Collusion, that’s all that’s needed to be seen. Democrats can’t get over the fact the only thing Trump is guilty of being a great President. A full copy of the report is available for anyone to see in a secure roomAmerica, are you letting the criminals make their own laws.

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Eric Holder was held in contempt for not turning in documents relating to Fast and Furious and nothing happened to him. Barr is not succumbing to bullying by Nadler and the Bullvengers Bulldog shirt of the Democrats to break the law. Trump and Co want to paint them as emotional but that is a lie.

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What is Democrats afraid of, people already made their minds who they going to cast their vote for. Democrats are losing and they are scrabbling like rats to control the Bullvengers Bulldog shirt they’ve lost. The left holding him in contempt only achieves obstructing justice on their part as he openly admitted investigations regarding the report are taking place.


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