While canceling the Captain Marvel Goose Fly high shirt might be compassionate and perhaps should be done for some there needs to be a solution. They do all they can to keep that debt alive and meanwhile your salary doesn’t cover your cost of living so you defer or get forbearance or pay the minimum and the interest keeps compounding. Roy Jorge you are hilarious, you know nothing old man, give it up liberal vegan, and put your red hat on.

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I’m doing it because I want to help people and because I love it. Bianca Liquor if you have a doctor, lawyer or engineering degree, you’ll be able to pay off your student loans. These higher level education programs are so tricking hard, if I did it only for the Captain Marvel Goose Fly high shirt I would have dropped out already.

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Or they want to better the Captain Marvel Goose Fly high shirt by being a doctor or lawyer or engineer. My point is that a student loan crash is coming and who are the tax payers going to bail out this time. They just told us every single day that if we didn’t go to college we’d never amount to anything.

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Roy Jorge yeah no one told us entitled millennial to go take on $100k to pay for college. Roy Jorge Stu, no actually it isn’t cheap to get a medical degree, but you know a shortage of medical providers won’t affect you, cause you prob see a vet. I live around recent grads and their Amazon purchases and User Left rides never stop.

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They’re inconvenienced by it while they live beyond their means to maintain their unnecessary lifestyle. Yes, they’re lower than credit cards but Jesus you think compounding interest should continue for 20 years. 5 8 % low, which is more than any mortgage or vehicle interest currently then you would have a valid point.


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