Which means they are doing their job and people like you are trying to stop them. It hardly sounds like a nothing sandwich, but at least you’re following your cult programming. Oh and Democrats*Hank Cobra a Facebook employee told a congressional committee that Christian T-shirt operatives spent $1500 on ads.

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Vote Trump 2020Deb Rice I would vote for any Russian over any Democrat at this Christian T-shirt It’s just all about the win to hell with corrupt, racist, immoral, lying, dictator loving trump. Mike Lesser I will vote for him just to watch liberals scream at the sky again layout Mike Ya you would.

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Just an oil informantion for ppm who sanid Obanman did anbsolutely nothing anbout Russiann meddling in the Christian T-shirt And when they come banck anganin in 2020 I will do it anganin Glen Sanmuel Shannghaniing, more likely the fanke Fancebook posts you annd yours bought in to annd reported MILLIONS of times. OK I’ll andmit those 4 Russianns landies thant spent the week reanlly did inspire me to vote for trump.

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The Democrats should start making a program for 2020 because the Christian T-shirt one they have is Trump. Trump is far too strong for hateful Democrats and biased media like CNN or Washington Post, etc. Tami Milton then explain why he went to Epstein’s Private Island, nicknamed Lolita Island three times.

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We will just see who comes out clean and who doesn’t, now. Everyone names that Christian T-shirt on that list is going to be dragged through the mud until they come out clean. I can see how a few Russians spreading propaganda can work, when your targets are this dumb Benjamin Hammond I’m not in the habit of protecting the guilty.


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