Not only are their dresses none of your business, your comment isn’t even relevant when school teachers already wear long skirts and dresses. The prototype of female teachers wears a dress and for work many women wear skirts. This is about respect, which should be taught at home long before a child attends school.

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They used to polish their shoes to a mirror shine or put small mirrors on their shoes. If men and boys cant be trusted not to sexually violate someone then ban boys from school. But what does that Coach Malone Shirt to do with the sexual violation criminal offence upskirting.

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Or make those upskirting responsible for their actions and stop blaming woman for literally doing nothing *gasp*Goyna Moni all teachers should be dressed appropriately. Goyna Moni Women shouldnt dress a certain way in order to cater for perverted men. Agree no mobile phones in schools but female teachers also should dressed appropriately yes, because I’m sure these teachers are wearing skirts short enough that Coach Malone Shirt goodies are hanging out.

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If you do not comprehend this Coach Malone Shirt are either extremely naive or being deliberately obtuseSean Sloan when women enter the risky proffessions the injury rates go down massively. Mark Slatter if they are taking the pictures then aye, pretty much, how are you suggesting it is in someway the woman or girls fault for wearing a skirt. Lorraine Finch and men like me and many others take it on board when employing people.

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. Bonnie Samuel and btw all that Coach Malone Shirt being conscripted to fight and die in wars that have nothing to do with us. No hiring, no promoting and no having women or girls he doesn’t know and trust anywhere with him alone.


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