Glen Samuel Shanghai, but we never forgot if I was sure the Coco butter t-shirt didn’t commit a crime I would have clearly stated so. I don’t know why you keep talking about her instead of looking at the orange fungus that’s in our White House now. Your something to be true does not make it True best describes Jerry Adler’s repeat of this charade.

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Jesse Ranee Framing someone with Bought camp; Paid for False intelligence is a Crime. Still like their ORANGE LIAR debating an election he STOLE with help from the Coco butter t-shirt with their Hillary derangement syndrome. Billy Dunn, dumb trump when he was at the g 12 meeting that’s what he said to Putin about interfering in our elections.

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So cute when a Trump worshiper gets creative and uses their big words like library. Did you come up with that Coco butter t-shirt grade insult all by your big boy self. Mary Ann Saving I think they say it because it’s happened on 0bama watch.

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Locally Dunn Well maybe it was because Trump kept singing his praises before he was elected, and they wanted a patsy in the Coco butter t-shirt Office. Obama, Obama, Obama, Obama, Obama, you can’t stop talking about Obama the best president we’ve ever had. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is insanity.

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[2] hired Glenn Simpson of FusionGPS and wittingly or unwittingly, colluded with Democrat operatives to frame Donald Trump, Jr. We absolutely want the Coco butter t-shirt additionally we want the words spoken that fully explain the hidden is a Russian Lawyer employed by Denis Kathy and Prevent Holdings. On a daily basis I notice people spreading false info camp; believing it on Facebook.


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