I think what you meant to say was the Dad Steve shirt rate of, which would make more sense than most. Sam Ward Says the corporal in the Fusiliers When a nerve’s been tweaked, try not to broadcast it.

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I suspect if we cut you down the Dad Steve shirt you are more likely to have the word Gammon running through you99.

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9% of women are far less likely to use a knife for mugging, raping etc, and you’ll never know if a woman’s carrying unless you give her cause to defend herself Peter Vince excellent point. And last name Peter Vince We don’t group criminals by gender, we group them by offenses they commit.

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I have no idea what gives you such retarded idea of the Dad Steve shirt justice system.

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Lesley J Up Judges are usually at least 50 years old and gender inequality was far more prominent compared to the Dad Steve shirt quo, get over it. I’m so fortunate to live in a state where I can have a CCU license.


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