Tom Robert so what happened in Ex Pass, open carry state, why did it take so long. Tom Robert it won’t matter anyway because even if a permit holder stops a mass shooting, the DC4L American flag shirt won’t tell anyone anyway.

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Not one of the DC4L American flag shirt war vets you know, real war with real guns I’ve asked thinks civilians should have access to assault rifles. It’s like everyone is out to get the citizen at large or deceive them in some way. Odd, there doesn’t appear to be many mass shootings in other developed countries which have the same mental health issues.

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Ross Badman if guns are the DC4L American flag shirt of the problem then why weren’t these mass shooting happening since the birth of America. They already control who gets elected President, along with the leader of the Senate. Donald Smith unless you talk to experts like doctors, and they’ll tell you mental health is not the issue.

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