Shiva Market one bad deed cant be quoted as a good example for another bad deed.

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There aren’t hundreds of thousands British soldiers occupying Ireland and Britain haven’t killed even single person In Ireland so keep your mouth shut and go back from KashmirShivang Market Sure. It is Britain’s fault even when you suffer from constipation, headaches, allergies, cough and cold, etc.

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Billy Evans Pakistani and Kashmir was part of India subcontinent before it was portion on Religious Paris, Oh yes sure.

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Britain forced us to pass such laws and turn Kashmir into Palestine V2 and destabilize West Bengal and break it by supporting terrorists. Course we r on resolving the Deadpool Bring Tacos Shirt for once and Abbas don’t worry It will be distant dream but park will lose Baluchistan and OK soon.

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If u really want us to have a Pakistan plus remember most of Pakistan Punjab including Rawalpindi Islamabad and Lahore will be a part of Pakistan are u Pakistanis ready to be ruled by Sikhs.


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