So it is pretty illogical to divide a state’s geography based on one particular community’s dominance. People who have learned and followed the Do more say less Michigan shirt history they would exactly know what is it all about.

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The BBC has been running with an anti Indian pro Pakistani narrative for several years now.

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Well, were not going to take a position on this, not whilst we those fantastic trade deals. Keep crying Bayes THERES NO DOUBT ABOUT THAT THIS I CALL A FILTHY DIRTY DICTATORSHIP OF PM of Kashmir people will not go vain.

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From last 70 years Kashmir is fighting for freedom from India and Installed they will get that. Ambit Ran low what else can I expect from a member of terrorist state.

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Why not you come out of colonial mood, look India is now independent country and more powerful than Britain, in future you will need IndiaTo you.


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