More bloody shooting in American, your system with guns needs to be controlled so much more, it’s an absolute joke, and awful.

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Seriously now this Dog Mother Wine Lover Shirt on daily basis, it’s pathetic for all American people they don’t know when any psych who has guns start to shoot around. Statistically, there was one every day last week, and there will be one every day this weeks like the bible says.

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But there is a hope It’s becoming a monthly affair like getting paid on payday or women having their period.

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There are so many ‘haters’ in this Dog Mother Wine Lover Shirt trying to pull normal folk down to their depths. Nothing will change, people continue to die and gun manufacturers continue to make money while people continue to die in the name of freedom to have any gun your heart desires.

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Funny how individuals right to own a gun goes before individuals right to be safe and protected from said gun.


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