A pool of 13 million dollars share between 13 million people and tell them to live on that. While you’re at it tear down the Dog pugs shark’s jaw shirt surrounding your property and leave all your doors and windows unlocked snd wide open. Put your money where your mouth is and adopt a family or two and move ’em into your home.

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You Liberals should Just invite these Immigrant Families to come live in your Homes with you. USA has a thing called due process if you do NOT use it then you are by default an ILLEGAL, end of,but a country has borders and immigration laws. When you literally have ex military and current citizens on the Dog pugs shark’s jaw shirt and children being failed in your country then I believe in slowing immigration.

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Stick to what you are good at, rather than being another champagne social justice warrior. All well and good, but even a hotel management might object if the Dog pugs shark’s jaw shirt were walking in with unwanted guests, drugs and firearms. And you get all the bills associated with them too including educating the illegal kids that you will get with them more then likely.

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You’ve got a couple of those accounts running this Dog pugs shark’s jaw shirt right here, and I reckon you’re group isn’t happy with the results. You on the other hand seem to have joined the little group of accounts with wrongly spelled names. It’s like all the people that walked the Chunnel to get to the UK.

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I’m sure there are a lot of good people coming to the Dog pugs shark’s jaw shirt but a bunch are coming that are not good people. If you’d like maybe you can take a bunch into your house or let them camp on your property. The hotel may not be full, but the service staff are at their wits’ end and the next guest means that the cook is going to walk out.


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