Ken Heer just loving all the Easter Rabbit Bunny shirt Communist Democrats and Islamic parties yelling FU to the law and the Constitution. Debra Donnelly, no they won’t because Barr is going to redactbMueller’s report before he gives it to Congress. Debra Donnelly and the whole report will still not be public regardless if what Congress gets to see.

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David Dietz congress will subpoena mueller and Barr if full and unredacted report not received by April 2. Ken Heer did you not watch the Easter Rabbit Bunny shirt there is information that can’t legally be released. Use your common sense if you have itGary Wallace there is no law that allows us to see it.

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There is grand jury information which the Easter Rabbit Bunny shirt is not allowed to see, and there are things that are classified. It is pathetic that his hand picked AG tried to make it look like he was innocent. Shirley Ann Parker Costello The, they can’t read the entire report because Barr is going to redact an already redacted Mueller report.

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I think they found a lot of evidence towards his cooperation with Russian agents in order to get dirt on Hillary. Sean Sanders I think that Easter Rabbit Bunny shirt one of the most sensible statements I have see in the past two years. People on here keep talking about Hillary and other crap, that has nothing to do with muller report.

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Trumps AG doesn’t need to redact anything from it in order for them to see it. Mishra Yeah, I’ve been saying from the Easter Rabbit Bunny shirt of this post is that congress should get the report. I’m not Democrat, but I don’t like Trump much either, and I agree with this.


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