I teach mine to love but it doesn’t mean we have to agree or accept the Elephant spraying rainbow shirt that this is okay. It is about time we teach our children that we all love in different ways and preferences and it is all good. People just doing as they please a that’s why this world is near is end.

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The whole episode was excellently written and illustrated; it taught an amazing lesson on acceptance and compassion. They even introduced a character with autism that Elephant spraying rainbow shirt explained why children with autism react they way they do sometimes. Everyday when you walking down the street, everybody that you meet has an original point of view.

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Martin Craig Based on the Elephant spraying rainbow shirt of the people leaving angry emojis, many muslim tears too. I never noticed the shop owner in Frozen was gay until it was pointed out by an adult. Ampaire Amina Kafureka Are you so ignorant that you don’t know that it’s Adam and Steve.

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Two grown people love each otherAmalia Koch, you do know they are not real right. Armando Muñoz unless I’m not getting your sarcasm Here we just call them weddings i didnt see bad comments about straight wedding. Armando Muñoz nah not triggered just sick of having the Elephant spraying rainbow shirt agenda shoved down thier throats involuntarily at every turnArmando Muñoz hmmm.

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It’s some fictionalized idea if what marriage is, what love is, what mating is. How does me understanding that Elephant spraying rainbow shirt nature cant find meaning in it affect YOUR life. A marriage is defined as the union of two consenting adults, joining as one.


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