Keeping the #ElPasoStrong El Paso Strong shirt to guns while also shoring up mental health services etc will help. Christian Gonzales : Lets say that Was Mart quits selling guns, which doesn’t solve anything except maybe it makes you feel better.

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No, y’all go around stabbing each other because y’all surrendered your firearms a long time ago.

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Politicians are hardly impotent on the #ElPasoStrong El Paso Strong shirt the evil Republicans have received $80m in ten years from the even more evil NRA Mike Potent the NRA is a private organization, you would not know which shooter is their member. Do you know what laws are in place currently or how to purchase a gun.

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Christian Gonzales yeah and it starts with uncultured people like you that #ElPasoStrong El Paso Strong shirt it on something else rather than the source.

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You made the #ElPasoStrong El Paso Strong shirt without guns people will use halberds, pikes, knives, fertilizer, airplanes. Reform needs to come from the government admitting that mental illness is a health problem and should be treated as a threat or even a disease or illness.


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