Adds Bone what’s to stop men from going in a women’s restroom and raping them now. But women never let guys go in the Etika’s Joycon Boyz shirt bathroom at those eventuates Bone bless your heart with thoughts and prayers on your copy and paste ad nauseam post. Peck I’ve been to plenty of Concerts, Clubs and Ballparks where women have decided they couldn’t wait in a long line and end up coming into the men’s room while I was in them using them.

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The level of stupidity, immaturity and discrimination in that Etika’s Joycon Boyz shirt country, never cease to amaze me. Destiny Hernandez so you’d prefer someone who looks like a man, beard and all, walk into the ladies room. But they should use the restroom that matches the sex they were born as.

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Not that Etika’s Joycon Boyz shirt would care if a drag queen used the ladies’ room, there are stalls. Chris Wayne you probably won’t know if a transgender woman walks in with your daughter. OK gotcha pity the fool that tries to walk into a women’s restroom with my little girl.

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Soon men who think that Etika’s Joycon Boyz shirt are women are now able to use the ladies room. I voted for trump and after all the things he has done I won’t vote for him again till 2020TRUMP IS TOO MUCH MAN FOR YOU. I have seen men dressed as women claiming trans, and they were very many men.

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I’d be more worried about your pastor, assuming you believe that Etika’s Joycon Boyz shirt Bible myth as well. You do realize that women and girls have a greater chance of being molested by a guy like you than they do someone who is transgender, right. I’d be more worried about church people and the favorite uncle, than a transgender having a tinkle.


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