I suggest you be pro active and see what legislation has been overturned by Trump and the Fight milk shirt All the bill that were protection for us, over turned for the benefit of big business.

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If President Trump is impeached and removed from office, the Fight milk shirt will have succeeded in destroying the Union.

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It’s a wonder that Fight milk shirt tiny hands can hold all of the Republican testicles that he’s squeezingTrump supporter here, and I’m actually looking for the Democrats to start Impeachment, because it will blow up in their face. Could actually lead to their Party breaking up into two to three different Parties, and possibly charges against some of the leadershipyou are daft.

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Now it is your turn to get your stuff stolen, wait, you have a piece of paper saying it is yours.

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Trump’s supporters on the Fight milk shirt are not well informed, are racists, bigots, impressed with his bullying and so called wealth. Harold One Feather Are you aware you are posting on Facebook and not in a video game.


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