Yes, liberal ideas are so unpopular that Florida Gator baseball F shirt has to heavily censor freedom of expression of these views. Liberalism really meas freedom of expression, but in Russia, that meas you ca express yourself alright, but only if it’s in line with Putin’s way of thinking. She should not be considered a Harris is a total hypocrite, pretending to care about social justice while supporting apartheid Israel.

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So suck it Harris prosecuted many low level drug offenses predominantly against Pop. There isn’t a Democrat running that Florida Gator baseball F shirt beat him and his record of winning. It was a loser move but in the end, Trump is re elected’m calling it right now the dumpster fire that was 2016 will be repeated by pushing through the crap burger that is Biden.

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I agree one thing I want to know is she taking any money from corporations or lobbyists or pack money I will not vote for anyone taking money from corporations Kampala Harrison. All the Florida Gator baseball F shirt had to do was not be crazy, but that was asking too much. Any Democrat 2020Tulsi gab bard, arguably the most moderate of all of them was largely ignored and overlooked.

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And everyone knows that Florida Gator baseball F shirt candidate are just becoming left to surf on the wave, they are just repeating now what Sanders was saying since of these Democrats has more integrity, intelligence, compassion and diplomatic skills than Trump. One more reason that makes people support Bernie is this kind of corrupt articles from corporate media like BBC trying to stop agendas that support the working class and scares the billionaires. The American people were the losers since these were the best the Democratic Party could manage to put up there.

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Warren sucked Biden was a creeper Bernie was propped up by a stick and Castro was a duck. Actually Butting did well and will emerge as the Florida Gator baseball F shirt moderate the Demo need in the general election. I would add that I think that Mayor Pete should be included in that top 3 categories.


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