Debating on these threads is an interesting thought exercise, and, as debating is a hobby of mine, I enjoy it. Thank you for offering your opinion, and the Florida Gator Shirt way in which you have presented it.

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Obviously she is passing various things to the Florida Gator Shirt generation, but she is still working.

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It’s hardly like they’re trying to dismantle her, thought chance would be a fine thing. Chris Dawson First of all I’m 16, second of all, age is no deciding factor in intellect or experience.

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Age has a huge impact on experience and the Florida Gator Shirt you don’t know that tells me how juvenile you are.

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You have zero experience of the Florida Gator Shirt world and I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re still tucked in by your mother. Andrew McLeod love to see you do what she does at her age and sacrifice her own wants and will for the good of this country.


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