Whatever the Fox and sunflower Shirt intentions, loosing a right, and giving the state more power to deprive individuals of liberty and property is a slippery slope that you never come back from.

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Just as long as those Corporate campaign donations keep rolling in this Fox and sunflower Shirt always be a problem. This is about dollars run the show not the 2nd amendment and sure as hell not the loss of human life.

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You could shoot at Congressmen whizzbang a Law enforcement officer is a dangerous job you go into it know what might happen.

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Our constitutional rights are not to be messed with At any monumentally unstable, that’s all Americans then Am a responsible man from Nigeria I need a responsible woman for serious relationship am not after your money message Jewell deck me. BrIn America you can’t be punished for the Fox and sunflower Shirt crime twice but now you can be punished before you commit one.

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Since when does a sheriff or other law enforcement (keyword) officer have the Fox and sunflower Shirt to decide what is or isn’t Constitutional.


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