Tim Franz Sgt; I would expect a connection that Gadsden flag shirt to Nigel Garage, who is connected to both Trump and the Russians. Graham Alexander Could be the ambassador himself, after all he was leaving at the end of the year anyway.

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Diann Kornberg trump tells it all the Gadsden flag shirt and the liberals freak out, so I’m not sure it’s wonderful.

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Diann Kornberg I think that’s honestly not fair of him it’s highly unprofessional, and they probably say this Gadsden flag shirt every U. Daniel Hendrick That was absolutely professional and there’s no way they talk about every administration like this.

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He’ll be remembered as one of the Gadsden flag shirt guys in this age of Trump.

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Daniel Huff it was the Gadsden flag shirt of an experienced objective diplomat giving his professional stance on how the UK should deal with the USA and trump, which means it holds more weight than Alex Jones or fox news. Lee Haggard Consider the source, and what’s happened to the Ambassador since it was leaked.


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