She should have called thenI dunno, let’s think about this, you’re a bartender and a drunk lunatic with a gun walks in demanding you serve him alcohol. They even provide special training to deal with itSabrina Vargas Is my manager told me to a reason not to call 911 or serve them alcohol when dangerous. That might fly if it was Halloween Ryan Stewart Do you actually know how often this GOT Dragons Drascarys Shirt

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When he said he had some dirty business to handle they might still be aliveShe may well have been scared to refuse the GOT Dragons Drascarys Shirt insane man with the gun and knife. Then I actually read the article and after what the police have proven was going on, including texts about how drunk and crazy he was acting, I definitely feel this arrest was the right callIt says she called 911. People need to be responsible for their own actions and stop always trying to place blame on someone else.

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Also, how many shots or beers someone should drink within a time frameSamantha Cohen sorry but I don’t think she is even a tiny bit responsible and shouldn’t feel sorry. That make it very clearSamantha Cohen hope you have been commended with a big fat bonus dear. If someone displayed a weapon I would’ve had the GOT Dragons Drascarys Shirt come to the restaurant while he was there.

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As a server it’s her responsibility to choose when to stop serving someone alcohol. Letiicia Romero against the GOT Dragons Drascarys Shirt to serve an overly drunk person waving a weapon threatening people. Just a FYI, if one of my customers ordered a third drink, I had to have a manager do a drop by the table to approve it.

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The bar can be sued too so there is no way a place would fire you for not serving someone who is obviously drunk. Most bartenders have to complete an alcohol awareness class that GOT Dragons Drascarys Shirt about over serving and the consequences. Clearly no one commenting on this thread has ever worked in a bar or has a clue about regulations.


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