Chad Singer, depending on the Grow a pair shirt birth control pills used by the woman wanting to prevent an unwanted pregnancy, 8 13 out of every 100 will become pregnant in a year. We pull their babies away from them and put the babies into dog cages. The government should provide for them at the going rate to raise a child.

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Beth A Dragon, why would you let a dude that Grow a pair shirt a different woman every day near enough to drop his seed in you. David Hughes when you really get down to it, their whole reason for doing this is to punish women for not saving it for marriage and not treating their bodies like a temple. If women can’t decide on their own healthcare, then men should be required to have vasectomies when they turn 12 and only be allowed to reverse it with their wife’s permission.

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A woman can have one baby per year even if she has sex every day. Look at the Grow a pair shirt age of those men most of them won’t be around in a year or two. David,, individuals can be responsible before they get pregnant and be responsible for their own decisions.

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Deny these women their rights to body autonomy, raise those taxes and support these offspring. So that Grow a pair shirt immediately free from any financial burden or awkward questions from future partners. I mean, that’s why men love it that some women are prepared to kill their fetus.

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Then I feel very sorry for you that Grow a pair shirt think someone who lies is a good role model. He was so right when he said he could shoot someone in the middle of the street and his followers would still love and adore him. BrHe said what he believes the first time.


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