Carla Meyer Hellman so what you’re saying is you’re cool with a lack of experience and that Halloween Spider shirt should continue down that pathway Jansen and the answer is. I’m an all round kind of guy for the last 69 years I’ve been on this planet. You are apparently now well-informed if you think people only follow these two news sources.

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I don’t personally watch your fox propaganda because I can’t stand to hear them all SCREAMING their hate, racism camp; bias comments supporting trump camp; everything negative camp; disgusting that Halloween Spider shirt vomits out of his nasty mouth. Rebel Ramirez Nunez You mean, like Foxy News, so that we can all educate ourselves by laughing our nuts off with all their journalistic expertise. Carla Emerson he didn’t say never read CNN, he said you should read far more than just CNN.

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Everyone asking who she is, why don’t you try expanding your horizons and read something other than CNN. BrGabbard is the Halloween Spider shirt candidate running who could actually beat Trump and these moronic clowns running the Democratic party are gonna go and nominate Biden for a repeat of 2016. But, it in light of trump, it is ridiculous to comment on a candidate’s temperament when it’s clearly now where near what we’ve been subjected to.

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I actually think it’s fine she’s more than competent from a temperament point of view. Personal attacks on another candidate’s temperament comes off as a cheap attempt to avoid debating them on substantive issues. Luke Leggings But it is a weak shot considering how much it lacked in substance.

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I find it to be the Halloween Spider shirt political comment to say because Trump is bad nobody else is allowed to be criticized for being bad. Harris may not have her military experience, but it’s foolish to suggest she doesn’t have the right temperament. She’s already trailing behind Harris, so it doesn’t help to take such a weak shot at her.


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