Happy treason day shirt is another neoliberal fossil fool, he can run for Texas all he wants and by all means he’s better than Ted Cruz but he will not win the presidencyRoger Brennan the Bern couldn’t beat himself, may be off. Simon Lee Click on their profiles, anonymous troll accounts like you know the paid trolls paid by David Brock Hillary’s hired super pac paid over 1 million. There was tons of fraud, paid trolls, blaming their crimes on Russia (wasn’t a hack it was an inside leak by Seth Rich) I’m an I.

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But Happy treason day shirt in any form is always a bad thingbrYou are still better off than 99% if the humans who’ve ever lived. You would in fact be saving money not having a huge premium and deductible on health insurance and we would actually be investing our tax dollars in society and creating better jobs and stronger unions for workers. Robin Cheves Yeah you just love a great economy for the ultra rich you anaonymous fb troll you Simon Lee he’s not.

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But they’re rabid as trump supporters, I’m embarrassed I ever supported someone who created these guys. They’re going to give us 4 more years of trump if they already believe the primaries are rigged against their non democrat candidate. And I bet in the general election you either voted for Stein, Trump or sat at home.


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