Kieran Dyke you think it will be a simple in out vote again Kieran Dyke already voted and you and the Hippie guitar sunflower shirt lost. Glenys Turner but I also want democracy from the party I vote, and not a party which will go against what the public have voted forMatt Richards What’s the matter.

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Matt Richards if you’re a socialist you can’t vote any other way. What about the Hippie guitar sunflower shirt who flew from the USA to join them, does that not count.

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They should spend their time and enthusiasm educating in a constructive way not just pissing everyone off. Jack Barton Extinction Rebellion eco protesters are using non democratic actions to achieve a political change. Also do you suppose it will ever dawn on any of them that Hippie guitar sunflower shirt they simply put as much effort into voting, all this theater would be unnecessary, no probably not.

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The real reason that Hippie guitar sunflower shirt lazy and scared of the real polluters and what would happen to them if they caused a nuisance to them in London. But no it’s much easier to glue yourself to a boat in Oxford street isn’t it. Agree we all need to help reduce our admission,, let’s tackle China and India first.

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Action’s are better than words, why can’t they just protect the Hippie guitar sunflower shirt instead of making noise pollution. 3 let’s hope they are not use use plastic take out containers bottles,, list is endless. We are democratic country and no one knows what the future holds, so all in Our hands,hands of Ukrainian people.


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