Jónatas Machado Jónatas Machado in other words you’re content to live in a world where your vote means nothing. BREXIT PARTY IS BLOWING THE REMAINERS OUT THE WATER, DON’T MESS WITH THE WINNING VOTEWhat a load of rubbish. The People want No Deal Brexit and we will back Farage in the I’m a Burtonholic shirt numbers as we did today in a general election if it comes to one.

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In Australia we just put the I’m a Burtonholic shirt right of center party back in, the media were gobsmaked that we hadn’t voted for higher taxes, higher immigration, higher power costs, more state control, poor little bunnies were all confused. The fact that leave voters want Brexit advocates to sit in Brussels on our behalf just means the EU has a bunch in whingy ultra conservative Brits to deal with when making EU decisions. Tonight is a vote on who we want to represent us in Europe not whether we want to leave or remain.

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. Why are you discussing the I’m a Burtonholic shirt Dems coming second or the Green winning a few seats, when the big story of the results is the Brexit Party has won by a huge margin. Span.

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Jonathan Stevens yes but theres always oh thats where they got their votes like dismissing them, i was a cons voter now am Brexit so not all just Ukip. Well it’s quite simple really the I’m a Burtonholic shirt vote has collapsed and the brand new Farage vehicle have picked up the former UKIP vote wheras the Lib Dems are up 14% at the moment. The voters will show you we want brexitOh and again BBC have to say oh brexit party got votes from ukip and oh look how well Lib Dems have done.

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Sharon Owen its gonna happen, I voted remain, but I accept that I’m a Burtonholic shirt won and we need to stop messing about. God she is thick brexit party rocks. Can’t that dumb Labour MP on BBC euro 2019 count,she is still talking remain.


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