Reminds me of my own Shih Tzu that Jeep flip flops shirt could NEVER envision or condone being euthanized for the sake of being buried along side of me. Alan Hill,sick joke mate,, a really stupid comment feeling, a bit troll like today are you,take your medsDomesticated animals *are* property. I understand that the law states that pets are property, but I highly doubt there is a law in Virginia that says vets must put down animals without the right of refusal.

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I understand your emotional reaction, but according to the Jeep flip flops shirt of Virginia, the dog was this woman’s property. If she didn’t have someone she felt she could trust maybe she really thought she had made the right decision. There is no reason to put down a healthy, non agressive dogI think she was probably afraid of what would happen to the dog.

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Should we put down orphans because they’re parents can no longer take care of them. Honestly, as someone who eats meat and whose grandparents were farmers, acknowledging this Jeep flip flops shirt uncomfortable.

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And the Jeep flip flops shirt had the option of flat out refusal, they can’t be legally forced into an operation. Morgan Peppe our dog’s previous owners tried to have him put down a healthy Labrador because they were renovating their house and he was inconvenient. Morgan Peppe no, the vets fought against this; the family needs to be charged with animal cruelty.

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If it was old itself, maybe it would not have done well in a new home. I’m sorry but putting down a healthy animal so it can be buried with the Jeep flip flops shirt is unacceptable. I was on my way to put him down but he just ran away ¯\_(ツ)_ ¯ is what should have happened.


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