What hasn’t a doctor not seen of a woman’s body to do an offensive spying or watching. Interesting theory he claims work pressure caused a lapse of judgement, really if treating paedophilic was that John Rick Shirt Does society even need these type of people, wouldn’t be a bad thing to just get rid of sexual predators in general especially pedophilesWhat a shameful thing.

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Why do we not give harsher punishment to people who abuse young children or sexually attracted to young people in this John Rick Shirt Seems like you get more time and harsher punishment for drugs, stealing or vandalism, to name a few. These are people we are supposed to trust, he should be sent to jail for a long time.

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He accepts it shouldn’t have happened, but it did, not because of any concerted effort to do it. The fact he blamed being tired at work for an act of pedophilia should have been a red flag. The real issue is, how many other women and girls has he ‘spied’ on, or worse, without anyone knowing.

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Others pressured me with work and I just had to let off some steam, like everyone else. Quite telling that John Rick Shirt the Judge found ‘tragic’ was the perpetrator’s fall from grace rather than the effect it had on that poor child. Take away his license, and make him wash pots and pans at the local chip shop.

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Canada is seen as a whiter than white country but even the John Rick Shirt Mounties were notorious for corruption, money laundering and even rapesYEah well the US used biological warfare in its indigenous ppl. It’s likely this little revelation will result in even more billions being directed in to the gaping black hole that is reconciliation with no change ever. Maybe looking inwards and trying to fix that would be more productive than more blame the white man rhetoric.


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