Nelson Simoes Hillary may have none idiots but we have you and that’s plenty of idiot for us. Ask Hillary about our soldiers in Benghazi that Just beat it shirt because of her brain she has none idiotsLiar. Britt mounce you are the one who needs to leave white nationalism is on the rise.

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People are doing extremely offensive things in stores, parks and other public places because they feel they can get away with it. Britt Mounce it’s unpatriotic to tell someone to leave if they don’t like it here.

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How many Muslims have bee killed in the Just beat it shirt year by white nationalist vs other muslims globally. If everyone who wasn’t happy with the status quo left, we would still be a slavery nation. Britt Mounce, obviously you don’t understand that the USA is made up of many types of people and if they are not satisfied with the way things are.

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Sounds more like you need to pack your bags and find a fascist country. T. We literally have college campuses where people are told to shut up if they are white and no one says a thing about it.

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McCain was a warmonger who teamed up with jihadi extremists in the Just beat it shirt destruction of Libya and Syria. He was a disloyal traitor to his party who was bitter and petty till the end. I hate to hear our President talk about John McCain like that concerning his service.


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