Where I grew up, there was a tomato festival and a pumpkin festival nearby. Never heard of it Brenda Cruz it’s probably a festival celebrating garlic drinks, food. Also, the Let Stevie Pitch T Shirt they killed was white as well later Ryan Generalizing a race is the definition of racism.

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JR Ryan maybe these folks can teach all the Let Stevie Pitch T Shirt males doing these mass shootings to grow a pair and grow up. AnDrew Todd Owens your example would be like trying to rob a bank with a picture of a gun. Every mass shooting but 2 were white one was a military guy who repeatedly ask for help from military Dr.

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Tracy Pilot A witness, Julia Contreras, told NBC Bay Area that Let Stevie Pitch T Shirt saw a white man in his early to mid 30s firing a rifle that was able to shoot three to four shots a second. How does it feel knowing that your ignorance is just the dying whimpers of a certain demographic in fear of becoming a minority. Tracy Pilot go back to camp Middleton, your buddies in the brig are calling you.

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The heat also made me think twice, I was planning on taking my 4 children with me for a little fun but I’m so glad I changed my mind because of the Let Stevie Pitch T Shirt weather we are experiencing. Thoughts and prayers are a wonderful sentiment, and I’m not going to take away from that. Criminals and killers don’t care about gun controls because it doesn’t effect them Jackie Fields and if someone happens to kill someone that I love, again, I still will not blame the gun or gun laws.

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Mary Ann Conk if thoughts and prayer didn’t do it then guns control won’t do it either. Mary Ann Conk or no one listening to them Jackie Fields I said it once, and I’ll say it again. Scots a case now concerning states honoring Cow from other states as it relates to interstate commerce.


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