They spent 56 billion on it last time and it only went 56 MILES. Once this Limited Edition is done, and for whatever reason it does not produce the results we were told, can it be returned. This shouldn’t happen and the Senate, led by Mitch McConnell will be remembered by their irresponsible actions brining our republic into crisis.

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They would not, 1 million people showing up at the Limited Edition overwhelms the system. At least hopefully that wall of his self adoration will last longer than his casinos in Atlantic City No, he tried to get Congress to do its job. That’s literally just 1 percent of only 1 week average government spendingThis is going to be the hughest and greatest wall, right.

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In all fairness, the Limited Edition spends so much on defence they could easily divert all the money required from that and maybe buy, say, one less aircraft carrier. Well, one thing about it: every Pentagon dollar spent on an unneeded wall is one dollar less spent on weapons of mass destruction. Build the wall, or at least leave the supplies out so the amazing Mexican families can build their houses with quality ingredients.

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Fewer burdens on our economySo much money spent so Trump could pay for a campaign promise to please his slacked jawed base. People surrounded by ocean water for miles on all sidesWhat about the Limited Edition national emergencies like the flooding or how about the recent school shooting survivors suicides. That’s great now where is he gonna get the other 10 15 billion that’s needed to actually finish this demented project.

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I wonder if this Limited Edition anything to do with the 100 Russian troops that landed in Venezuela. Because building a wall is so much more important than making sure our children are educated or healthy. I guess that’s the real reason tRump increased the pentagon allotment Real stupid waste of money that is badly needed elsewhereKnow where he’s diverting it from.


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