I give you a beer and you then go kill people, so should she now turn around and sue her employer who will then turn around and sue the Lion flower fearless shirt company. There is, many countries have laws against selling to drunk persons and there are laws about carrying weapons in bars. How about punishing the law makers cause he broke the laws he was supposed to follow.

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She obviously knew there was a threat, and didn’t do anything about it until it was way too late. She instead followed him to the Lion flower fearless shirt and then called the cops when he had already entered. The issue, after reading more into it, is that she did NOT call the cops at the bar when he left.

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Would you sue the Lion flower fearless shirt rep who sold you a car that you cashed and killed a person. But I’m sure she’s not wealthy enough to afford one to free her from his bad mistake. Since the drunk killer is dead, go after the next person who sold him drinks.

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EVERY bartender knows the Lion flower fearless shirt regarding serving customers, and she clearly broke those laws. Let’s get this straight a bartender’s obligation is to stop serving alcoholic beverages if you display drunkenness, but she is not responsible for what you do not her fault, except fining her for the misdemeanor. And what about the guy who sold the gun to him in the first place.

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What if we held the Lion flower fearless shirt personally responsible for his own actionsIntoxicated yes insane hell no how was she supposed to know that is she a shrink they seriously need to change that part. Worry about how often men slaughter their families (one way or another, not all use guns) and the psychology of why some do this. Did he mention something to her or is this just our justice system serving well deserved justice.


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