How come the Lucifer Risen 666 Shirt on the EU results is constantly having a go at Labour. Looks like the people’s vote of 2019 is going the same way as the people’s vote of 2016. We did know what we voted for unlike a lot of remainers03:40 Watching BBC talk about an obvious Brexit win is like watching holocaust deniers, absolutely ridiculous.

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Brexit party was a single issue party the Lucifer Risen 666 Shirt for instance vote for a variety of reasons other than Brexit. And yet you’ll have another unelected PM from a party that’s all but wiped out. If she spouts they believe solely in democracy in the next sentence she’s saying we need a further referendumlooking wonderful so far BBC News.

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Looks like The European Union is on the Lucifer Risen 666 Shirt of collapsing in the next couple of years with Nationalists are making headlines. Ahh the Lib Dem bloke thinks MEP’s get to dictate policy on Brexit. The protest vote is from remainers who don’t want to leave, the brexit party vote is for people who want the government to take notice that people want to see democracy delivered.

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Cant trust a single party and never will again until one gives me reason too. Frexit is going bananas right now with hundreds of thousands of yellow vest French protesters out in force today. It’s going to be an interesting night, Brexit party by all accounts will win the Lucifer Risen 666 Shirt hands down.

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How would the Lucifer Risen 666 Shirt Party be able to influence Brexit from the European Parliament if they have no seats in the U. BrI have a query if someone might care to explain for me as I’m genuinely curious. We can send our kids to school without getting shot and don’t force girls to go through pregnancies as a result of incest and rape.


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