Ann Georgia Black if that Made by immigrants shirt the best the Democrats have that are in trouble. No it does not but is does for my children who have to repay their debt. Cancel the debt, the schools and banks take the loss and aren’t reimbursed by anyone.

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Trump in a land slide Jan Rockwell Green Even you liberals can’t want one of this Made by immigrants shirt you sen tonight absolutely ALL student debt and let the schools and banks eat the cost of their crimes. They want to forgive debt of the students but what about the Debt of the Federal Govern. I did not see one political hack address their actual plan in this case.

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5 TRILLION to pay off all of that Made by immigrants shirt loathe only segment of population that hasn’t been mentioned for receiving more money, etc, are those on social security. Not fair for the people who did the math and made a judgment that the financial risk of college debt was not worth the gamble. I understand the demo railroaded in against Hillary but this go around he seems angry and uninged in waiting to see in lose it on stage.

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Ricky Pass it might be inspirational or heroic depending on which DUI Bruce is trying to avoid. Nobody forced them to spend their future earnings on a degree that Made by immigrants shirt or might not get them a good job. Why forgive student debt from people that chose to go to a ridiculously expensive school instead of a community or state school.

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What next, I bought a and now the Made by immigrants shirt should pay it off for Mr because I’m special. They made the choice, they can pay the debt off like we all did. I did too, but nowt everyone can have the personal financial savvy you and I had.


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