Your mind is very confused defending a very obnoxious man or juvenile delinquent. Everyday hundreds of Christians are massacred in northern Nigeria by boko haram and Fulani herdsmen. Amazing comments and folks would feel differently about the Maleficent Vacay ladies shirt if it were their direct ancestors in that same terrible system.

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. Leigh Vanderland your frivolous comment makes you sound like someone incapable of empathy, or just maybe someone who believes in the Maleficent Vacay ladies shirt mythJessica Ashley Medina yeah so much entitlement asking for pictures of their enslaved ancestors back. The descendants deserve to own and do whatever like to those pics that portray their ancestors in this manner.

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Leigh Vanderland look at their faces, does it look like they were on a photoshoot with Mario Testino in St. The most insensitive and violent race to have ever walked the Maleficent Vacay ladies shirt of earth talking trash right now. If the photos were taken today sure you’d have a case, but when these photos were taken they belonged to whoever took them.

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Leigh Vanderland a woman wasn’t stripped and forced to pose by some elitist professor who thought he could prove women were inferior to men to get itAmber Rochelle sounds like trying to force retroactive laws on someone. The problem is that Maleficent Vacay ladies shirt does Harvard need it when the people that graduate there still have problems with race. Amber Rochelle That would be like me taking pictures of you in your home without consent, and selling them for money.

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You don’t know much about art, let alone the Maleficent Vacay ladies shirt of the mona lisa. But tell me more, your opinion sounds so unintelligent I’d like to laugh some more. Leigh Vanderland get back to us when you learn the difference between YOUR and YOU’RE.


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